Over the last few years Tufcot have been making huge strides with our R and D department.

We have invested heavily in making sure we are at the forefront of Composite materials and are continuing to further research new materials and developments.

Recent Purchases

Our most recent purchase is a Tinius Olsen Universal Testing Machine.

This can be seen in the picture here.

For many years Tufcot has always outsourced our materials testing and this can often be at a substantial cost throughout each year.

Therefore, our Senior Management team saw an investment opportunity to purchase a Universal Testing Machine.

Not only does this machine allow us to measure various specifications of our current material but also allows us to develop new materials, which has been an area of development for the R and D team.

Research and Development - Tinius Olsen Universal Testing Machine

Developing New Materials

The Universal Testing Machine goes hand in hand with our Friction Test Rig.

This allows us to measure the friction capabilities of our materials as well as developing new materials.

A picture of the rig can be seen here.

We have had this Test Rig for a few years now and it gets used often by the Technical department.

Research and Development - Friction Test Rig

Welcoming a New Technical Intern

Along with the purchases above we have continued to involve a student to work with our Technical Manager to develop new materials to take to market, we are now about to interview the third intern in as many years.

This is where the Department of Mechanical Engineering at Sheffield allowed us to interview its current 3rd Year MEng students so we could temporarily employ an intern to complete the work needed on all our current R and D projects.

Our last two Intern’s have been excellent additions to the Technical Team over the last two Summers.

Research and Development - Technical Intern

Tufcot are aiming to be the most competitive Composite bearing solutions provider on the market.

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