Teknikprodukter – Tufcot’s Official Distributors

Tufcot are proud to announce that our long-standing Preferred Partner for Sweden and Norway, Teknikprodukter, are now Tufcot’s Official Distributor for Sweden, Norway and Finland.

Teknikprodukter have done an excellent job in growing the Tufcot brand in Sweden so when the opportunity arose for this to be extended to Norway and Finland, this made both business and logistical sense for Tufcot.

The Official Distributor label gives them the rights to sell Tufcot® materials in these areas without customers directly contacting Tufcot, helping them protect their customers and market sectors.

Teknikprodukter – Tufcot’s Official Distributors

Making Tufcot® More Readily Available

Tufcot have customers operating in these areas, nevertheless we are conscious that, based here in the UK, we are not best placed to provide the day to day contact and support those customers deserve.

There are many applications for which Tufcot® is suitable, perhaps even ideal, which are not currently being utilised in Norway, Sweden and Finland.

Teknikprodukter – Tufcot’s Official Distributors

Our Wide Range of Tufcot® Composite Materials

We also believe that working with Teknikprodukter we can ensure our existing customers have a clear understanding of the range of applications for which Tufcot® is suitable.

Tufcot are very optimistic about this new chapter in Scandinavia and we couldn’t be more pleased that our already established Distributor are the ones who we are expanding our marketing regions with.

Teknikprodukter – Tufcot’s Official Distributors

For more information on Tufcot’s Official Distributors and Key Customers, worldwide, click here: https://www.tufcot.com/international/

For more information about Teknikprodukter, click here: https://www.teknikprodukter.se/en/

For more information about Scandinavian Friction, who deal with the bearing material side of Teknikprodukter, click here: https://scandfriction.se/en/

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