Tufcot and SBS-Singa Bearings Solutions

Tufcot and SBS-Singa Bearings Solutions have agreed to making SBS, Tufcot’s authorised reseller of our Marine material, T100MP in the following regions:

  • Singapore
  • Malaysia
  • Indonesia
  • Philippines
  • Vietnam
Bearing Solutions for the Marine Sector

Tufcot’s Approved Marine Materials Delivered Globally

T100MP material is Lloyds approved for the Marine sector. Tufcot have also provided SBS with a considerable consignment stock level, meaning companies in these regions can get a quick and fast turnaround of their approved marine material, either the same or next day!

Tufcot have worked in the Marine sector for over 35 years but have been focusing their efforts on approvals and geographical resellers in the sector for the last few years. We see this as a huge step towards getting customers the best service in an often crucial and time sensitive market.

Composite Bearings for the Marine Sector

The key benefits of this agreement are:

  • Same day delivery from Singapore

  • Lloyds approved material

  • Tested and approved at a pressure of 10 MPa

  • Sizes range from 50mm to 600mm

  • Excellent Technical support and service

  • Larger sizes can be on a 7-day lead time

To read more about SBS, click here: https://www.sbs-bearings.com.sg/

To read more about Tufcot internationally, click here: https://www.tufcot.com/international/

Bearings for the Marine Sector

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