Every quarter, the Tufcot Senior Management team sets a target for the company which, if achieved, results in an afternoon out of the office/workshop for the whole Tufcot team.

The target we set for Quarter 1 was to achieve 95% on-time delivery.

We like to say a huge thanks to the Tufcot team who worked extremely hard and achieved on-time delivery of 95.3%!

This meant that our teams were treated to an afternoon out for a Kelham Island Food Tour.

This comprised of 5 different venues in the historical steel-making area of Kelham Island in Sheffield.

Summer Wage Rise

The Kelham Island Food Tour

The Kelham Island Food Tour involved visiting numerous eateries around the Kelham Island area with a small plate enjoyed at each venue.

The 5 venues were:

  • Chop Shop (belly pork)

  • Millowners Arms (onion bhaji)
  • Heist Brewery (pulled pork bao)
  • Alder bar (pizzas from B’reyt Dough)
  • Cutlery Works/Bullion Cafe (brownie)

The team had a great time enjoying both the food and the history of the Kelham Island area.

Summer Wage Rise

A Few Photos From The Day