As a thanks to our staff, we recently started a brand new Tufcot Loyalty Bonus Scheme. 

The bonus scheme will reward all staff with a monetary bonus, paid yearly, based on completed years of service. 

Our employee’s hard work makes all the difference, to both our business and to our customers, and is what has enabled the growth of Tufcot over the last 40+ years. 

We think that deserves some recognition!

Tufcot staff will receive their first Loyalty Bonus Scheme payment later this month and we would like to thank all of our team for their hard work and dedication.

Summer Wage Rise

The Loyalty Bonus Scheme

The Tufcot Loyalty Bonus Scheme rewards staff based on the length of their service at Tufcot and starts when an employee has completed 1 years’ service.

The payment will be made every July and grows each year, reaching into the £1000’s of pounds for our loyal employees.

In some cases, we have staff that have played a key role in our growth and journey for over 35 years and it is important that we reward their contribution to Tufcot’s success.

In implementing the scheme, we hope to encourage staff members to pursue a long-term career with Tufcot so they become a key part of our future success.

Summer Wage Rise

Tufcot’s Investment In Staff

On top of the Loyalty Bonus Scheme, one of Tufcot’s key goals is to develop our team’s skills and experience, which are essential for working with composite materials.

We value every single member of our team at Tufcot and thrive on seeing our employees excel in their chosen department.

Investing in our staff not only benefits them, but also our customers and the company as a whole. 

Here are some examples of how we have invested in our staff recently:

  • Loyalty bonus scheme

  • The biggest wage increase in March 2024

  • Ongoing support with the cost of living crisis

  • Heavy investment in training schemes

  • Developing apprentices through the business

Summer Wage Rise