The Tufcot team completed their day at the new venue for the Sheffield Great Escape last week with glowing reviews from all employees!

The day started off with a coach from our premises and onto the venue. The day included free tea, coffee and a free drink for all employees.

The Great Escape Team had set the conference room up which allowed us to also take part in many board games which were set out in the bar area, including; Cards Against Humanity, Pictionary and Jenga.

Food was brought out to all staff including pizzas, sandwiches and salads.

Then, as 2 of the teams had a Tufcot Training Quiz, the other 2 teams competed in Submarine Warfare, where the Russians faced off against the Americans in warfare (all too real for my liking on the country choices!).

The randomly selected teams were split into their sections as per the instructions from our Team Leader and led, blindfolded into their submarine hatches. The game then lasted 50 minutes as both teams tried to escape in the fasted, most efficient way possible.

Submarine Warfare Escape Day a Success
Submarine Warfare Escape Day a Success

After there was a winning team the other 2 teams took part in the same escape room, this time both teams failed to escape!

It was a very hot but challenging escape room and I would recommend it to any large group of over 10 people who fancy a challenge. The Great Escape Team had good hospitality and tried to help all teams where possible (including large drink orders!).

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