The Tufcot senior management team are always looking at ways to give their employees the best working experiences, whether in work or the out of office experiences.

You will have seen through our social media and website articles that we often organise events to thank the Tufcot team for all their hard work.

This is crucial and helps create a positive company culture and maintain an environment of enjoyment, motivation, and staff satisfaction.

However, the senior management team are acutely aware that, although these benefits are important to our employees, the main reason most people come to work is for the pay they take away.

Therefore we have a HR bonus and a profit-based December bonus which all help to boost our employees pay.

Summer Wage Rise

Staff Pay Rise

We went a step further in June 2023, by presenting all our employees with a 50p an hour wage increase, which equates to £1040 a year increase, on a standard 40-hour week.

Everyone in the company received this pay rise. This was Tufcot’s largest ever, companywide, one off pay rise.

After the first six months of 2023, we are all aiming to match the record-breaking year of 2022.

As a company, we are ever so close to matching the record figures set.

With the company growing and progressing yearly, we felt it only fair to give this well-deserved pay rise to everyone.

Summer Wage Rise

Showing Our Appreciation

Every employee at Tufcot shows commitment, hard work, and a willingness to achieve the high standards we have set over the last 5/10 years.

This allows an exceptional base for the company to grow, and as the company grows, Greg the Managing Director at Tufcot has always said –

‘If Tufcot grows and remains profitable, everyone’s wages will rise in line with our growth.

Growth is not a given for any company, and especially after a record breaking 2022, the year after will always be a challenge, to match the heady heights of the record-breaking year.

We are very close to that, and we feel that our employees deserve this pay rise’.

Greg Majchrzak, Managing Director of Tufcot Engineering Ltd

We would like to thank our customers, suppliers, and employees for a very positive start to 2023.

Let’s hope the next six months are just as fruitful.

Summer Wage Rise