Over the last few years, Tufcot has spent a lot of time and effort into enhancing our Marketing material to make sure that the Tufcot brand is consistent and easily recognisable for all of our customers and potential customers. This has included our brand, logos, website, product brochures and marine brochures. The Tufcot Marketing department is extremely happy with our progress and we have many plans for the next few years.

Along with our involvement in marketing our Tufcot® materials we also have our Preferred Partner in Sweden named Scandinavian Friction who operate under the Teknikprodukter company name also. As you can see by the screenshot above, they market Tufcot® materials in a very unique and different way to the usual marketing methods. They focus on a market sector and then tell a story regarding a Tufcot part, in this example the mine. Please click on these links below to see the relevant story regarding each market sector:

Mining – http://scandfriction.se/en/referenser/less-frustration-down-the-mine/

Hydropower – http://scandfriction.se/en/referenser/blue-whale-calfcm%C2%B2/

Marine – http://scandfriction.se/en/referenser/sorry-poseidon/

Not only do these stories show the Tufcot® properties and their use in the different applications, they also show a story with their amazing photography and stunning graphics.

Have a read, it is worth it!