Our New Product Galleries

You may have noticed we have recently added new product galleries across all product pages on our website.

We felt the older product photos on our website were outdated and could be improved upon quality wise, so we invited professional photographer Timm Cleasby to our premises to take new photos of our products.

Timm did a magnificent job of showcasing our full range of Tufcot® Composite Materials through his photography.

We feel this better represents our product offering, including all the types, colours and sizes available.

Quality – Tufcot Sets Its Standards High

View the Product Galleries for Yourself!

The galleries feature high quality close-ups of all of our products, which really emphasises the detail.

We got photos taken for all of our products, including:

  • Bushes & Bearings
  • Thrust Washers
  • Wear Pads
  • Wear Rings
  • Wear Strip
  • Custom Parts
  • Sheets, Tubes & Rods

Clicking the buttons below will take you to the product page where you can see the new galleries for yourself.

Quality – Tufcot Sets Its Standards High

Some of Our New Product Photos

Thanks to Timm Cleasby for the Photography

Tufcot would like to thank Timm Cleasby for doing a brilliant job with our new product photos.

Timm is a passionate photographer based in Sheffield. He covers all commercial and business photography including PR, Fashion. Advertising, Events, Music and Aeriel Photography.

You can view his website here: https://www.timmcleasby.com/

We were very happy with the resulting photos and it was a delight to work with him!

Quality – Tufcot Sets Its Standards High