Everyone at Tufcot would like to express our deepest thanks to those in the NHS and all other key workers at this time.

It hasn’t been easy for so many people to suddenly be told to stay home while key workers continue.

The nation really has come together by staying apart helping the NHS, and other key workers, manage and prevent the spread of Covid-19.

How Has the Nation Come Together?


Children (and adults) across the country have been filling their windows with bright and colourful pictures of rainbows, helping bring smiles to those in their communities.

I’m sure you will have noticed the array of amazing paintings and drawings while out on your daily walk.

We have certainly noticed some beautiful and colourful creations here and we’ve enthusiastically participated.

Many Tufcot staff have been sharing their childrens’ rainbow pictures with us and they’ve brought many smiles. If you walk near Tufcot, you will notice our windows are more colourful than usual!

It is true that rainbows come after storms and offer hope during difficult times.

Rainbow. Thanks to NHS

Thursday Evening Thanks

We have all been thanking healthcare workers and key workers every Thursday evening by joining on doorsteps, windows and balconies to express our thanks in the loudest and most joyful way.

There has been clapping and cheering, drums beating and even fireworks.

This really is something so many have come to look forward to every week, offering an opportunity to connect with others and a chat over the fence with neighbours, while showing our thanks.

Rainbow. Thanks to NHS

Thanking Our Wonderful NHS

We thank all NHS health workers, other health workers and key workers, all working tirelessly to keep us safe and well.

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