Tufcot Fun Day

If you follow Tufcot’s blog posts, news section or social media output, you will see that the Senior Management Team here at Tufcot are, and always have been, in favour of thanking our employees.

We like to make sure we have some days out of the office to celebrate in between the high workload!

A Popular Sheffield Events Venue

Back in 2017, the Tufcot team went to a local escape room venue, named The Great Escape Game.

The afternoon involved board games, game consoles, free food, drinks and most importantly, an escape room for every employee.

At this time Tufcot had 36 employees and workload was at a steady level.

See the picture here from our Great Escape in 2017.

Quality – Tufcot Sets Its Standards High

Tufcot Returns for a New Challenge

Fast forward 5 years and the Marketing team suggested we return to The Great Escape Game, to try the new games and support them after what has been a very difficult time for all events companies, trying to get through the two years and the impact of the pandemic.

Therefore, in May 2022, we organised, with Beth/Hannah and the team at The Great Escape Game, to have another afternoon trying to escape their various themed rooms.

Tufcot now has over 50 employees, so the team at The Great Escape Game did an excellent job making sure everyone had a room to escape from!

Quality – Tufcot Sets Its Standards High

Time for Food and Drink

The afternoon started with an exceptional cold buffet from the local Company, PJ Taste which was combined with pizzas cooked on site in a pizza oven.

All employees also received vouchers for either alcoholic or non-alcoholic beverages.

The employees were able to play on numerous games consoles (FIFA being the most popular game) as well as retro arcade games and board games in between the food and drink provided.

Quality – Tufcot Sets Its Standards High

Everyone Loved the Challenges

The escape rooms that were played were Submerged, Devil’s Playground, Abducted, Wizards of our Time and Run.

The feedback from all the escape rooms was extremely positive and it created a great atmosphere across the whole team.

Most of the employees were able to escape, however some are still there now, 2 months later 😊.

As the afternoon was ending, a few employees went back to our site, but we had a record number of employees who stayed out for a few drinks together.

We are very keen to make sure our employees have the perks they need to feel welcomed and wanted as a Tufcot employee, meaning their hard work is appreciated by each other and the Senior Management Team.

Quality – Tufcot Sets Its Standards High