Here at Tufcot, we take the training and development of our team very seriously.

Training and development have played a huge part in Tufcot’s success as well as helping our employees further their own careers, some of whom have gone from promotion to promotion over careers expanding in excess of 20 years.

Our HR Manager, Kelly Stone, leads our training programme with support from key staff members such as Justin Krebs (Operations Manager), David Green (Quality, Health and Safety Manager), Andrew Houseman (Production Manager) and many more.

There are several types of training within the business including:

  • Internal Training – Staff members at all levels are trained internally to improve the overall skillset of the team

  • External Training – We also use external training sources where necessary.

  • Apprenticeships – We believe that the apprenticeship system is a fantastic way for young people to develop their career whilst earning on the job.

Quality – Tufcot Sets Its Standards High

Kelly Stone – HR Manager

Internal Training

Our Internal Training Programme is aimed at ensuring the continual development of our employees.

We have recently invested into an online Learning Management System which gives us the flexibility to train our employees as and when suits the needs of the business whilst ensuring that we are keeping our employees up to date on their current training requirements.

We constantly monitor the top-level view of our employee’s skills and training to identify any gaps that might need to be filled.

We also carry out reviews on a more personal level to ensure that no development opportunities are missed.

Internal training is usually identified by our Production Manager and Operations Manager and this is then carried out by senior members of the engineering team or external providers if required.

Staff have the opportunity to work their way up through Tufcot’s structure through continual training and development.

External Training

When the need arises, we also make use of external training sources.

One example of this is Health and Safety training such as First Aid training.

On top of this, we also provide Forklift Truck, Scissor Lift training and Overhead Crane Training amongst others.

We have had a few recent successes with external training including:

  • A member of the Health and Safety team recently achieved the NEBOSH Health and Safety Qualification

  • A number of Workshop Employees participated in Saw Operator Training
  • 3 Members of the workshop team took part in Off Site Router Training


Tufcot has worked with a number of apprentices over the years.

We believe that the apprenticeship system is a fantastic way for young people to develop their career whilst learning on the job.

They are able to work towards recognised qualifications whilst gaining that all-important real world experience.

We have a close working relationship with the University of Sheffield Advanced Manufacturing Research Centre and we currently have 2 Apprentice vacancies for September 2023 intake.

Our new apprentices will follow in the footsteps of Josh H, who recently completed his apprenticeship, as well as Josh D, Sam and Zack who are closing in on the completion of their apprenticeships.


After a 4 year absence (due to numerous factors), Tufcot decided to start collaborating with the Sheffield University Engineering Department again.

After going through the interview process over the past month we have now successfully hired an intern to come and work alongside our technical team throughout the summer.

Quality – Tufcot Sets Its Standards High