Since 2013 Tufcot has aimed to consistently improve our On-Time Delivery Performance figures via improving our Production Department and reducing inefficiencies through the whole Company.

2013 was the year Tufcot moved to our new, more modern site and we knew changes were needed in such a crucial department to maintain customers and to target new customers and new projects, especially in the Marine sector.

Here are the figures:

On-Time Deliveries Hit Record High for 2016!

As you can see on the above information the On-Time Delivery Performance has improved from 57% in 2013 to 98% in 2016. This a remarkable feat when you have to compare the increased workload since 2013 also.

These figures show huge improvements in the Production Department due to overall control of factory operations, better control of the manufacturing department, improved efficiencies in all departments, closer control to week numbers and a better understanding of the importance of delivery dates to customers via employees. This has all been achieved with deliveries rarely reaching over 4 weeks in most departments.

Tufcot is very proud to publish these figures as it shows the progress of the Company over the last few years. This has included numerous investments into new machinery, production techniques and better Operations Management control.

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