In 2016, Tufcot were very proud to record their best ever Production On-Time Delivery performance of over 97% on-time orders. This is an excellent record when you compare this with previous years. This coupled with our extremely competitive delivery times and pricing it puts Tufcot in a strong market position.

However, the key part of having the most successful figures ever in such an important Production KPI is that this is then followed up the following year and every year after with similar or better results. Our 2017 target was to be above 95% with all of our 2017 deliveries. Once again due to our continued investments into new machinery, new processes and new key employees, this target is on track for 2017. We are currently at the same level as 2016, 97% on-time deliveries to all customers on the agreed dispatch dates.

Managing Director, Greg Majchrzak commented…

“The start of 2017 has thrown many challenges at all of our key departments but we have continued to outperform on our KPI’s and especially with our Production On-Time Delivery performance. Tufcot are and have been striving for many years to be a competitive alternative to our often larger and hugely invested competitors. The only difference now from a few years ago is that Tufcot now has the Quality, Production and Technical results and support to back this claim up. We hope that by offering the extra support in all key areas aswell as having competitive pricing and delivery times that our customers will keep returning and that all new business stays and grows with Tufcot® materials.”

Greg Majchrzak , Managing Director

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