On September the 19th 2016, Tufcot became 35 years old! This is an outstanding achievement for any Company but especially one with firm family run characteristics that started in the Owner, Elvin’s garage!

To this day, Tufcot is a growing, prosperous, family run business that has stuck to its long standing Company morals and goals with no external investments.

To celebrate this occasion Tufcot has laid on a few surprises for our owner and for the Tufcot staff. You can keep an eye on the surprises at our twitter page found @tufcot.

Some of the celebrations that aren’t a surprise include:

  • The change of the Company logo for 2 weeks to the one you see here.
  • Friday morning sandwiches bought for all employees by the Company.
  • The purchase of a special addition to the reception.

After such an amazing achievement let’s hope Tufcot can be around for another 35 years!