APL Norway AS are a long-standing customer of Tufcot and we were more than happy to assist when they approached us for support with their most recent project.

APL required some large diameter composite bearings for the Swivel Stack assembly on an STP Buoy for an FPSO (Floating Production Storing Offloading).

A project like this certainly comes with its challenges and bearings of this size can be difficult to manufacture.

We were confident Tufcot could overcome any challenges and provide the very best solution with our proven T100G composite material and our many years of expertise in the Oil and Gas sector.

APL Norway AS & Tufcot

APL Norway AS and Tufcot

APL Norway are leaders in the offshore Oil and Gas sector worldwide, designing and manufacturing cost-efficient and innovative technologies with over 150 years’ experience in the industry.

We are extremely proud to work with APL.

The offshore Oil and Gas environment is harsh and hostile with many factors to consider. The strength, durability, and effectiveness of the material we provided was of utmost importance.

Tufcot® T100G proved the most effective and reliable composite for this application. It is self-lubricating, requires no ongoing maintenance, has a high strength to weight ratio, offers minimal swell in water, is low friction and easy to install.

All these qualities provide the client with confidence and reassurance that there will be minimal maintenance requirements.

APL Norway AS & Tufcot

Tufcot Provides the Solution

The bearings required measured almost 3 metres in diameter, one of the largest small section composite bearings made for this type of application.

One of the key considerations was flexibility including rotational function and smooth operation on such a large piece of equipment as well as providing tight tolerance on the diameter, section, and wall thickness.

There was also a very strict deadline. This did not worry us as we have a proven on-time delivery record and we are confident we can deliver anywhere in the world within the deadline.

This project was, in fact, completed ahead of schedule even during the global pandemic!

We were proud to have been able to offer large diameter bearings of the very highest quality to the exact specification of our customer.

APL Norway AS & Tufcot

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