Every year Tufcot supports a local charity and nominates a Charity of the Year.

In 2017 our charity was The Sheffield Children’s Hospital.

Over the year, including various work events combined with our Chairman Elvin and his team mates’ mighty effort of The Coast to Coast walk, we raised an impressive £2248.15.

Tufcot Charities - The Children's Hospital

2018 Charity Choice

This year for 2018 we have chosen to support a local charity that is both close to our hearts and to the current home of Tufcot -RSPCA Sheffield Branch.

A few facts about RSPCA Sheffield Branch:

  • It is self-funding; it does not receive any government or local authority funding.
  • It is run by volunteer trustees and costs over £2000 per day to run.
  • They rehome around 1000 animals per year that have been rescued from neglect, cruelty or can no longer be looked after by their current owners.
  • They never put an animal to sleep unless advised to do so by a vet, to prevent further suffering or for severe aggression to people.
Tufcot Charities -Sheffield RSPCA
Tufcot Charities - Sheffield RSPCA Animal Sanctuary

Wonderful Wilson

Wilson, our Chairman’s lovely dog, was adopted from Sheffield RSPCA and in his younger years often barked orders in the Tufcot Boardroom.

He is now enjoying his retirement and prefers a quieter life at home. He fully supports this year’s charity of choice!

Our Aim

As one of the named RSPCA’s Corporate Heroes we intend to arrange a few events over the year to raise money for this worthy cause.

Keep an eye on our social media for pupdates!

Tufcot Charities -Sheffield RSPCA

Love Thy Neighbour

The RSPCA have just opened a “NEW 2 U” retail warehouse just up the road from Tufcot at 340 Coleford Road S9 5PH which offers preloved furniture for sale, books, electrical goods, bric-a-brac etc.

Ways you can support the RSPCA Sheffield Branch

Please see their website for more details on the excellent work that is carried out by RSPCA Sheffield Branch. www.rspcasheffield.org

Also see http://bit.ly/2FMmoqY for details of their recent Crowdfunding page to raise vital funds to keep the animals warm this year- The “Beast from the East” has taken its toll!

Tufcot Charities - Sheffield RSPCA
Tufcot Charities - Sheffield RSPCA