Tufcot wins funding from Close Brothers SME Apprentice Programme

Tufcot was recently chosen to receive funding on behalf of the Close Brothers SME Apprentice Programme. This programme aims to help SMEs recruit and train a new generation of advanced engineering workers.

This funding draws a parallel with the recent interview Tufcot’s Charmain Elvin Majchrzak gave in the Business Reporter. Elvin answered the tough question “What are the challenges facing the engineering sector?”. Ultimately he outlined the main concerns which included investment in Tufcots apprentice programme and the recruitment of skilled machinists.

Therefore, funding which directly supports the cost, time, and resources involved with hiring an apprentice is an invaluable asset to Tufcots growth. Click here to see the interview regarding the upcoming challenges in the engineering industry.

Further details regarding the Close Brothers SME Apprentice Programme can be found here.

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