Tufcot are proud to launch our latest company video.

We’ve worked hard to capture the true fabric of Tufcot, a company that has been trading for over 38 years, and we feel the video represents that well.

We hope you like the video as much as we do.

Tufcot Company Video Launched

Watch Our New Company Video

The Tufcot Family

The video starts with a warm welcome and introduction from Greg, our Managing Director.

Greg grew up with Tufcot as his family business with his father working in the garage. He recalls his eagerness to learn about the business from his father and how much he wanted to be a part of Tufcot from a very early age.

Greg achieved his goal to join the business and has progressed to Managing Director. His passion remains as apparent today as it was when he was a little boy.

Tufcot Company Video Launched

Tufcot Growth

From a small family business Tufcot has grown into an international company while actively preserving that family feel.

All Tufcot customers know that their specific needs will always be tailored for through years of skill & industry knowledge, great communication and excellent customer service.

This is clear from the many reviews and testimonials we’ve received from our loyal customers over the years.

Tufcot Company Video Launched

In-House Processes & Benefits of Tufcot® Materials

The video gives an insightful view of our well-defined 6 Stage In-House Processes and a summary of the main benefits of Tufcot® materials.

You will see our team working in the factory and all that goes into producing the Tufcot® materials we are all so proud to distribute worldwide.

Tufcot Company Video Launched

In-House Processes

  • Manufacture

  • Preparation

  • Machining

  • Finish

  • Inspection

  • Distribution

The Main Benefits of Tufcot® materials

  • Self-Lubricating

  • No Maintenance

  • High Strength to Ratio

  • Minimal Water Swell

  • Exceptionally Low Friction

  • Easy to Install

It can be difficult to capture so much into a short company video, but we are sure we have successfully achieved this.

You can confidently choose Tufcot® materials for your applications whatever sector you are in.

For more information on Tufcot, please visit our website – www.tufcot.com

Tufcot Company Video Launched

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