Tufcot has been operating in the Hydraulics sector for over 35 years. The high volume production of Wear Rings is where the main market lies but recently an increase in Bearing Strip for hydraulic cylinders and other applications has led to the Hydraulics market being one of Tufcot’s main markets.

There are 6 main reasons why design engineers should use Tufcot® materials over conventional materials in the Hydraulic sector, they are:

Tufcot® Composite Materials in the Hydraulics Sector
  • Self-lubricating – once the bearing surface starts to wear the addition of the lubricant allows for the bearing to continually self-lubricate.

  • No Maintenance – due to the material and parts being self-lubricating this means that they don’t need replacing as frequently as conventional materials.

  • High Strength to Weight Ratio – for hydraulic bearing strips and wear rings this could be crucial as it is 1/6th the weight of steel.

  • Minimal Swell in Water – our T100MP Marine grade has had results of 0.02% volumetric water swell and the water has no effect on the mechanical properties of the working parts.

  • Low Friction – ideal for where standard bearing materials are needed.

  • Ease of Installation – many forms of installation can be adopted.

Composite Materials – Hydraulic Applications

Some Hydraulic Applications include:

  • Oil hydraulics
  • Custom manufactured cylinders
  • Water based hydraulic fluid
  • Pneumatic cylinders

These utilise many products ranging from wear rings to gland and neck bushes.

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