For over 25 years Tufcot has been dealing with Scandinavian Friction in Sweden in various agreements and partnerships. The latest Preferred Partnership with Teknikprodukter whose business area is now involving Scandinavian Friction has and continues to be a huge success for both companies.

The latest statement allows Tufcot® materials to be sold in Sweden via Teknikprodukter. Teknikprodukter is a Company with a wide variety of products and expertise but the recent addition of Scandinavian Friction via the polyester based composite material – Tufcot® is the next addition to a wide market base.

Tufcot’s Senior Management team have not tried to hide their Partnership with Teknikprodukter as this shows what Tufcot’s main aim is for the future – to make sure Tufcot is the largest composite bearing material sold, worldwide is in progression. With partnerships as strong as this, and with Teknikprodukter’s continued growth and willingness to sell Tufcot as its recognised brand name without the fear of losing market share is crucial for both companies. This allows there to be openness and communication links which allow there to be expansion into new and exciting markets for Tufcot® materials.

The variance of market sectors is a key success factor not only for Teknikprodukter but for Tufcot, An over reliance on a few market sectors can lead to the demise of many companies.

Testimonial – Scandinavian Friction/Teknikprodukter

Our company, Teknikprodukter, has been working for many years with Tufcot® and we have several success stories from using the material.

We have applied the material in iron ore wagons up in northern Sweden, which tells a little bit about the kind of environments it could be used. Tufcot® has also been mounted in cold rolling mills and replaced several metal applications.

Our business area, Scandinavian Friction, will now focus more on the energy and marine segments. We have had great experience replacing traditional bushings and bearings in these kind of environments.

We are looking forward to continue our Preferred Partnership with Tufcot and to develop our business together.

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