Tufcot are proud to sponsor a number of local sports teams and individuals.

We have been doing this for many years but, over the last few months, we have sponsored 2 excellent teams and 1 superb individual:

  1. Hallam FC Girls Under 10s
  2. Sheffield Six’s Under 10s
  3. Mia Blackwell who plays for Sheffield Shadows Under 16s ice hockey team

We wish all of these young sports enthusiasts our full support for the coming months and years.

And who knows, we may have a future superstar in our midst!

Summer Wage Rise

Hallam FC Girls Under 10s

One of the teams we have sponsored is Hallam FC Girls Under 10s.

Konnie is a key member of the team and is also the granddaughter of Tufcot’s owner.

Hallam FC Girls Under 10s have been sponsored by Tufcot for the last few seasons and, during that time, have put on some great performances.

The girls can be seen here with Konnie’s Uncle Greg who is also Tufcot’s Managing Director.

Good luck to everyone in the team over the coming season.

Quality – Tufcot Sets Its Standards High

Sheffield Six’s Under 10s

Another team we have sponsored recently is the Sheffield Six’s Under 10s who are a football team based in Middlewood.

Their coach, Josh Duke, is a newly qualified apprentice at Tufcot who now works on our Routers and in the CNC section.

Sheffield Six’s Under 10s have a great set of lads who have been together since U7s and have developed greatly as a team.

At the team, it’s all about enjoyment, and the boys love turning up week in week out and playing some quality football.

From everyone at Tufcot, good luck to Josh and the Sheffield Six’s for the season ahead.

Quality – Tufcot Sets Its Standards High

Mia Blackwell of Sheffield Shadows Under 16’s Ice Hockey Team

We have also sponsored Mia Blackwell who is the daughter of an ex-Tufcot employee and the granddaughter of our recently retired sawing and sanding supervisor John.

Mia is part of the Sheffield Shadows Under 16’s ice hockey team.

Their first home game was on Saturday 23rd of September where Mia scored her first goal and the girls won 22-2.

Well done Mia, keep it up for the season!

Quality – Tufcot Sets Its Standards High