We pride ourselves on our service, communication, quality and attention to detail to all our customers.

Therefore, when we ask all new customers who place an order for their feedback, we take this very seriously as we strive to make further changes to continue to succeed via any recommendations from our current and new customers.

Last year we obtained a record number of new customers with a large percentage of those customers returning for more quotes and orders.

When we manage to obtain new work, we always request that a feedback form is filled out so we can highlight our areas for improvement and the areas where we excelled in their first order experience with Tufcot.

Due to Confidentiality reasons, we cannot give the names of the customers who left the below feedback.

Below are some quotes from the feedback we have received from new customers in 2020:

Export Champions 2020

Question: Were you happy with your order?

Yes, on time and as per required quality

Yes – perfect enquiry support; perfect manufacturing time and perfect delivery!

Export Champions 2020

Question: Do you have any other comments?

Everything was brilliant, they have just delivered to their customer. It will be repeated but not sure how often.

Absolutely spot on, did exactly what it needed to do. The service was brilliant and could not complain at anything. First time buying products of this size and hopes to use us in the future. I plan to introduce Tufcot to my customers and try to push the product when we can.

This is only the first time we have ordered from Tufcot, not been involved with this product before but my customer says there will be more orders to follow in the future.

Material good, can’t determine long term wear characteristics until field proven. Machining excellent.

Export Champions 2020

The Value of Feedback

The only piece of constructive criticism from all the 2020 feedback on an area we can improve is where Customers were unaware of how Tufcot® machines and operates against other conventional metals and other materials.

We are very proud of our exceptional Delivery Performance record to add on top of the positive feedback from new customers. This currently sits above 96% for 2020, and that is during a very difficult 2020 due to COVID and other factors out of our control.

Finally, Tufcot values the feedback from all new customers but also values very highly the regular feedback we receive from our long-term customers, some of which we have been dealing with now for over 35 years.

For a Company to have maintained a strong business relationship with another Company for over 35 years shows that our teams are making sure we do everything we can to make our customers happy.

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Export Champions 2020

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