In March 2024, the Tufcot Senior Management Team decided to reward all of our employees with our largest ever, one-off wage increase, across the whole company.

It has always been important to us that our employees share in Tufcot’s success as it is their hard work that makes all the difference.

On top of this, we are all aware of the current cost-of-living crisis and we feel it is important to support our employees as much as we can.

‘If Tufcot grows and remains profitable, everyone’s wages will rise in line with our growth.

We feel that our employees deserve this pay rise’.

Greg Majchrzak, Managing Director of Tufcot Engineering Ltd
Summer Wage Rise

Our key promises to our employees in 2024

One of our key promises to our employees in 2024 is that we will continue to invest heavily in training.

It is clear that training will benefit Tufcot, our employees and our customers making this a very easy decision to make.

We are offering in-house and external training courses to numerous roles across the company.

This all ties in with the new training programmes that we started in 2023 which aims to make our current employees as skilled and trained as possible to face the ever growing demands for our materials and parts.

Summer Wage Rise

How Will This Affect Our Customers?

The positive news for our customers is that these wage increases won’t affect our prices in any way.

We are able to maintain our prices thanks to our continued investments in new methods, machines and people which all aim to make Tufcot as efficient as possible.

This means that the costs can absorbed in our overheads, rather than passed to our customer.

In fact, we are still receiving orders for quotes valid from 2022 and 2023.

This is a win-win situation for all involved!

Summer Wage Rise