At Tufcot we like to ensure we have the Machinery, Equipment, Facilities and Knowledge to ensure any / all our customer demands can be met.

To do this we have tried to ensure we purchase up to date modern machinery and equipment that matches the varied methods and machining operations required in modern manufacturing.

This ensures that all machining operations (Turning, Milling, Drilling, tapping, Grooving, Cutting etc) are done as efficiently, cost effectively and competitively as possible for our ever-growing list of customers.

We also understand that there are still some process’s requiring older more conventional methods – because of this whilst our machinery purchase program is ongoing we have maintained our extensive and comprehensive conventional and manual machine section.

Tuftots of 2020

Extensive Range of Equipment

Overall this means Tufcot have an extensive range of equipment as outlined below……


  • 11x High Speed medium capacity Doosan CNC Lathes (up to 600mm dia) with high power conversational programming.
  • 1x Large diameter Mori Seiki CNC Lathe (up to 1m dia x 2m long),
  • 1x Extra Large diameter Broadbent & Stanley manual lathe capable of machining up to 2.5m dia and up to 3m in length
  • 8x manual Lathes of various capacity including a 1.2m dia facing lathe

Milling / Routing

  • 3x Large capacity high speed Hurco VM(x/i) Machining Centres with post processing and advanced programming packages.
  • 1x Large flat bed high speed SCM Morbidelli Flat Bed Router with post processing and graphic programming packages.
  • 2 x Manual Milling Machines (Koyo Horizontal & Bridgeport Vertical)

Sawing & Sanding

  • 4x Precision Sanders including 3x Wide belt Sanders
    (inc brand new Timesaver 22 Serie machines and a Twin head high capacity Boere machine).
  • 7x Large capacity saws including – 1 Altendorf beam saw / high capacity Multi Rip Saw and 2x large capacity power fed bandsaws

Inspection and Material Testing & Development

  • 1x Brown & Sharp Etalon CCM
  • 1x Eternal Journal Bearing Test Rig
  • 1x Tinnius Olsen Universal Testing Machine

Material Manufacture

  • Wrapping Large capacity wrapping bath – material up to 3.5m Dia & up to 2m in length
  • 2x Laminating Press’s (up to 5m in length & 1200m wide)

The above capacity means Tufcot are able to produce the highest quality composite materials to the closest possible tolerance as low as 0.05mm / 0.002” (dependent on diameter) and to the following manufacturing capacity….

Tuftots of 2020

Manufacturing Capacity

Material FormatTypeMinimum / Maximum Dimensions
Sheet MaterialFlatMax LengthMax WidthMax Thickness
Machined PartsFlatMax LengthMax WidthMax Thickness
Tube MaterialRoundMax ODMin IDMax Length
Machined PartsRoundMax ODMin IDMax Length
Solid RodRoundMax ODMin IDMax Length

Please note the machining capacities are “in house”  – if your requirement exceed the above list we have an excellent structure of subcontractors that can assist on larger projects.

Tuftots of 2020

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