Tufcot are proud to have featured as a case study in the Department for International Trade’s (DIT’s) publication.

Here’s Our Story

Back in 2015 one of our main business objectives was to branch Tufcot into the Marine Sector.

We already offered our composite materials to a number of different market sectors globally and the Marine Sector had become of increasing interest to us.

It’s hard to believe how much we have achieved since 2015 with the invaluable support and guidance of the Department for International Trade (DIT) and Lloyds International Communications.

Honestly, when we first endeavoured on this ambitious project, we hadn’t yet put a Marine Plan together and we’d never even heard of the DIT or Lloyds International Communications and the incredible work they do to support businesses like Tufcot.

The DIT were instrumental in the success we now have in the Marine sector thanks to the introduction of Greg, Tufcot’s Managing Director to Mary Cousins, Director of Lloyds International Communications.

Bearing Solutions for the Marine Sector - Department for International Trade

How the Dept for International Trade (DIT) Has Helped Tufcot

The Department for International Trade provide specialist expertise, guidance and support for businesses of all sizes helping them take the next steps towards international growth through building professional relationships with international companies and selling overseas.

DIT’s services include;

  • Creating an export plan

  • Finding an export market

  • Defining a route to market

  • Getting export finance

  • Introduction to strategic international partners

  • Finding private sector mentors

  • Offering grant opportunities

  • Business exposure

  • Providing advice and guidance at all stages

It was Paul Garnett, our International Trade Advisor, who implemented the many services the DIT offer and, crucially, he suggested working with a specialist third party company.

It was this suggestion that led to us choosing to work with Lloyds International Communications in the first place.

Our Management team welcomed the prospect of engaging with a consultant under Paul’s guidance as we always trust Paul to make good suggestions.

“DIT has always been great in terms of identifying what is considered best for Tufcot.”

Greg Majchrzak , Tufcot

Paul helped us in our successful application for an Exporting for Growth funding grant. This was key to enable us to move to the next stage and funding the work Lloyd International Communications went on to do.

Working with Lloyds International Communications

The DIT introduced us to Mary Cousins at Lloyd International Communications with whom we quickly got to work to produce a strategic plan.

This started with a detailed review and analysis of our existing position in the export market, looking at effective ways to successfully expand in new market sectors overseas.

Mary Cousins conducted in depth background research which included an international communications review, market research and website internationalisation in order to develop an international action plan for the Marine Sector.

Tufcot is Lloyds Approved - Department for International Trade

Benefits of Working Together

The many benefits include;

  • Exposure

  • Growth

  • Planning

  • Consultancy

  • Grant for DIT

  • Professional Relationship

  • Support finding quality clients

  • Shared goals

  • Forward Thinking

  • Shared vision

and many more.

“With Tufcot now growing year on year, DIT and Lloyd International Communications have been imperative to Tufcot’s development.

A lot think that the Department for International Trade is just there to give out grants, but it’s much more than that. I can’t say enough about how important Paul and Mary have been in terms of us progressing to that next level.

I’d not even question working with other private sector companies suggested by DIT.”

Greg Majchrzak, Tufcot’s Managing Director

A Success Story

With the combined support of DIT and Lloyds we were able to develop an action plan to target the marine sector globally.

DIT and Lloyd International Communications have been imperative to our progress.

85% of sales are now deriving from export and we are reinvesting profits back into the company on new machines and new product ranges as well as sharing a percentage with all employees.

“I think this is the best company I’ve worked with for many years. … “It’s a good relationship, for lots of reasons.”

Mary Cousins, Lloyds International Communications

Some of our achievements over recent years include;

  • Website Internationalisation – Tufcot’s Product Brochure is now available in over eight additional languages

  • Exhibiting at UK and international Marine Trade Shows – These include British Seawork Marine Exhibition and British Marine Inland Boating AGM

  • Lloyds Approval – We are now Lloyds accredited and have Lloyds approval for our grade T100MP in the Marine Sector.

  • Teknikprodukter & Scandinavian Friction are Official Distributors in Sweden, Norway and Finland – This agreement makes Tufcot® materials more readily available in this region

  • Singa Bearing Solutions have become authorised resellers of our marine materials in South-East Asia– This means that companies in South-East Asia can receive our Lloyds approved Marine materials with a very quick turnaround.

  • T100MP Marine Engineering Manual – We designed and produced a new in-depth Engineering Manual to be shipped with our Lloyds approved material.

We are continuing working with Mary and Paul to enable us to achieve our company ambitions and we look forward to further collaborations for many years to come.

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