Tufcot®  T100G

Our most common Grade of material used in thousands of applications worldwide is the material Grade T100G.

Every T100 range of materials uses a polyester based resin system. The various grades we produce have a different lubricant which is added to further enhance the standard resin range and open this up to more applications at a better, more co-efficient of friction level.

Our T100G Grade can operate at 100 degrees Celsius in certain applications and conditions. We, however, recommend a maximum of 80 degrees Celsius for constant running applications.

Tufcot have recorded figures of between 0.13 and 0.18 for the co-efficient of friction value against steel.

Typical Market Sectors

The Grade T100G can be used in many standard applications in use for Wear Pads, Bearings and Wear Ring applications.

Below is an example of some of the Market Sectors in which T100G has been successful:

  • Agriculture – Bearings on crop spraying equipment.

  • Mechanical Handling – Telescopic boom slide pads

  • Food Processing – Wear strips for food packaging applications

  • Hydraulics – Rod and piston rings in Hydraulic and Pneumatic cylinders

  • Marine – Deck crane bushes

  • Oil, Gas and Mining – BOP system bushes and wear pads

  • Hydro Power – Wicket gate bearings

  • Subsea – ROV manipulator arms

Sheffield Mind are Tufcot's Chosen Charity of the Year for 2020

The Benefits of Tufcot®  T100G

T100G is our most effective and cost-effective Grade and its benefits include:

  • Self-Lubricating

  • No Maintenance

  • High Strength to Weight Ratio

  • Minimal Swell in Water

  • Low Friction

  • Easy Installation

Sheffield Mind are Tufcot's Chosen Charity of the Year for 2020

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We can off FOC samples should these be required for you to look at our material up close.

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