A Fun, Team Building Afternoon in Sheffield

Tufcot have teamed up with The Great Escape Sheffield to host an afternoon of fun and team building for all of our staff!

This event will take place at the Great Escapes new St James House Location and will be involving 4 teams completing the Submarine Warfare Escape Game.

A fun filled, team building afternoon involving off site training, a hot buffet for all employees and most importantly, the chance to complete an Escape Game. Which teams will be victorious?

Team A

The Tufcot Great Escape! Team A

Team B

The Tufcot Great Escape! Team B

Synopsis: 30 April, 2037. The world is on the brink of WW3.

Following the United States Department of Defence exercising DEFCON 1 status; Nuclear War is imminent.

Russian missiles are poised to fire. Subsequently, you and your crew have been sent on a reconnaissance mission in order to extract the deactivation codes from a secret Russian military base. After successfully extrapolating the codes, your radar shows an unidentified submarine, moving closer and closer.

A barrage of torpedoes shake the submarine to its core.

Emergency lights shatter as sirens soar, water begins gushing in and sailors are knocked to their knees. The Captain orders full speed towards the open ocean, worried that the submarine cannot take anymore.

Now, you are in a game of seek and destroy; deep sea of cat and mouse. Unfortunately, the Russians have you in their claws.
You must navigate your team to the evac point before the submarine sinks and you are drowned alive.

Your country, no the world depends on you.

This room can either be played singularly or as a game of battle rooms. Team A can race Team B to discover who the escape game champions are! 

For more information, go to: https://thegreatescapegame.co.uk/
For more information on Tufcot, go to: www.tufcot.com