Tufcot is now a member of Composites UK, the Trade Body for the UK composites industry.

Joining Composites UK has potential to open many doors for Tufcot. Their mission is to enhance and promote the safe and effective use of composites. This is achieved by providing members with the knowledge and support to form new networks whilst maintaining growth in all key areas within the industry.

Safe to say we are committed to the success and longevity of the UK composites industry and with that in mind it is crucial to keep our finger on the pulse of the increasingly competitive world of global composite production. Composites UK will help us do exactly that.

Tufcot will strive to be active, get involved, ask questions and help others within Composites UK in order to push further development for everyone.

Membership with Composites UK will provide Tufcot a further platform to display our talents as specialists in the manufacture and machining of engineering composite materials.

Please see www.composites.co.uk for further information about the trade association.