Tufcot have spent many hours improving their website and in particular spending time on improving the experience for our current and new customers.

On reflection from our website development and Marketing teams, it was evident that we needed to make it easier for our customers to access key information without having to directly contact the Tufcot Technical or front office teams.

This is when we developed our Log In areas. These can be accessed on every page of our website, in the footer of any page. All you need is a code to be able to access these areas, which will enable you to have constantly updated key information that our Customers often ask us for.

This is a time saving and efficient way for Customers to access the following information:

  • Technical Brochure – PDF & Flipbook
  • Material Spec Sheets
  • Material Safety Data Sheets
  • ISO 9001 Documents
  • Lloyds Approval Documents (other approval documents to follow)
  • Environmental Policy
  • Lloyds Stock List
  • Machining Tolerance Sheets
Tufcot Log in Areas – Access Key Information

Tufcots various specialised teams are always happy to deal directly with prospective and current customers but we also want to make the experience of working with Tufcot as easy and fluent as possible.

For your code to access the Customer Log In areas – please e-mail info@tufcot.com.

For more information on Tufcot please visit our website – www.tufcot.com