Before 2015, Tufcot never had a Marketing department. Managing Director, Greg Majchrzak made an executive decision to start a Marketing Budget and a well-controlled Marketing Plan for 2015.

In the years preceding 2015, Tufcot was inefficient and was going through a transition stage from a smaller 15,000 square feet factory to a 35,000 square feet factory, as seen today.

Improvements in the production department, the manufacturing department and, in general, a more efficient Company as a whole allowed Tufcot to progress with a targeted Marketing Plan and Budget.

Since 2015, Tufcot has:

  • Published adverts in recognised composite, manufacturing and engineering magazines.
  • Exhibited at trade shows, not previously done for 25 years prior to 2015.
  • Joined recognised organisations in our specialist fields (Composites UK, Made in Sheffield, Chamber of Commerce etc).
  • Gained market specific approvals (e.g. Lloyds approval – Marine)
  • Gained brand awareness via Social Media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube and Linked In).
  • Created Official Distributor and Preferred Partner agreements with key customers.
  • Drastically improved our online presence in the form of our newly developed website which involves the audience with a Company video, professional pictures and constantly updated website articles.
  • Created advertising media (new product brochures, Tufcot t-shirts, bags, pens).

2015 was the right time to implement plans I had been considering since starting this role over 5 years ago. Marketing is all about the correct timing. If we had marketed prior to 2015, this would have been unorganised, ineffective and could have given a negative image to the Company. The time was right when our Production Department was efficient, our on-time deliveries were over 97% and our Company was re-branded to give a new, fresh image to back up the high quality performance of our materials and products in the various market sectors we operate in.

Greg Majchrzak, MD.