Accredited Testing Partners

R-TECH Materials is a leading supplier of accredited mechanical testing for polymers, composites and metallic materials. Their experience ranges across a wide array of industries over many decades and in recent years their composite testing laboratory has become recognised as a leading test lab in the UK.

R-TECH Materials’ labs are fully accredited by UKAS to offer a wide range of mechanical testing to national, ISO and ASTM standards, or customer’s own specifications. Their ongoing investment in composite testing means that they have in-house facilities for detailing the chemical, thermal and mechanical properties of composite materials, components and products and can test in controlled temperature and humidity environments between -70°C and +250°C.

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Tufcot Meet the Supplier – R-TECH Materials

Working with R-TECH

Tufcot have been partnering with R-TECH Materials since May 2015. This has included a range of projects from approval testing for Lloyd’s Register to quality control testing of bearing batches. R-TECH has worked closely with Tufcot to ensure that testing programs met our requirements, with regular feedback and technical advice along the way.

Working with R-TECH has been greatly beneficial to our testing and development programs.

Not only do we get the accurate and reliable data that we need, but the service the R-Tech team provides is personable, responsive and affordable too.

Bob Birchley, Tufcot
Tufcot Meet the Supplier – R-TECH Materials

Beyond Testing

The R-Tech Materials team offers a unique blend of accredited testing, industrial experience and materials knowledge that means they add value to their global customer base beyond than the basic functions of a testing house. Their research and development programs range from collaborations on stainless steel degradation in the nuclear industry to novel carbon fibre technologies for aerospace and automotive. They also have particular specialisms in testing products for the reinforcing steel industry and plant integrity assessment for the power generation sector.

All in all, R-Tech Materials has proven to be a valued partner and a great source of materials knowledge and expertise. We are confident we have found a testing laboratory that we can depend on and look forward to working alongside for the foreseeable future.

Tufcot Meet the Supplier – R-TECH Materials