Over the last few months the Marketing team at Tufcot have been aiming to gain a wider audience by increasing our social media presence.


The Marketing team highlighted Twitter as the ideal social media platform to start with. Twitter is ideal at informing customers, potential customers and suppliers about the latest news from Tufcot HQ. This allows you to briefly summarise the news article, update with the added addition of imagery or useable links.

@Tufcot – https://twitter.com/Tufcot


facebookThe addition of Twitter made it an easy transition to create a Facebook Page.

Facebook is ideal for photo albums along with the website gallery, they complement each other well.



google-plusThis then lead onto the addition of Google+.

Google+ is a platform which is ideal for SEO purposes but is also a platform where posts can be viewed.



youtubeWithin the last few weeks Tufcot has added 2 new social media platforms to our platforms; YouTube and Instagram.

YouTube is ideal for us to show viewers our Company Video, this along with shorter machine specific videos will allow viewers to further see, in video format the machine capabilities at Tufcot and our manufacturing and engineering capabilities.



instagramInstagram is the final addition to the social media platforms. Instagram is a great way for Tufcot to show pictures of our factory set up aswell as the different products and grades we provide. Instagram also allows for short videos, again highlighting our vast capacity capabilities.


The Tufcot Marketing Team sees all the above social media platforms along with a proactive website as key areas where we can show our USP.