Tufcot are delighted to announce the purchase of a new site on Catley Road in Sheffield.

We have been working tirelessly over the last year or so to complete this purchase and we believe it is a hugely important step in the next stage of Tufcot’s development.

Ultimately, our goal is to demolish the Catley Road building in 2024 and begin the construction of a new site.

We will then look to move the manufacturing division of our business into the new site providing us with plenty of room to grow over the coming years.

“It has been a nail-biting 12 months securing the new site, but now that we have it, we can forge forward with our plans for business growth.”

Greg Majchrzak, Managing Director, Tufcot Engineering Ltd
Summer Wage Rise

What This Means For The Future of Tufcot

As mentioned, the plan is to create a new, modern super site that will support Tufcot’s growth for many years to come.

The new site will be a purpose-built, carbon-neutral facility that will house the manufacturing division of the business.

We believe that this new site will help us:

  • Increase capacity by 50%
  • Grow our workforce by 10% over the next three years
  • Achieve carbon neutrality
  • Grow the company continually for many years to come

Ultimately, we believe that this move will not only benefit Tufcot but also its customers, staff and the city of Sheffield.

Quality – Tufcot Sets Its Standards High

Our Sheffield Roots

Tufcot has its roots firmly based in the wonderful city of Sheffield.

Sheffield has a long-standing reputation for quality manufacturing and we are extremely proud to be a part of this rich history.

Tufcot was established in 1981 by three former employees of British Steel, one of whom (Elvin Majchrzak) is still with the company today as the only shareholder and as the Company Chairman.

The initial phases of the Tufcot production involved a sole manufacturing machine and a sole lathe machine that took place in Elvin, the current Chairman’s garage!

It’s amazing to think that from these humble beginnings, Tufcot has grown to employ over 50 staff members serving an international group of customers.

A huge thanks goes to everyone who has played a part in this incredible journey.

Quality – Tufcot Sets Its Standards High