Working On-Site Throughout the Pandemic

Since the start of the Coronavirus Pandemic, Tufcot have had to manufacture and engineer our Tufcot® materials on site with limited working from home capabilities, due to the variety of skills required to manufacture/engineer our material.

Everyday our employees have had to put themselves in a working environment, which could have caused a possible spread of Coronavirus – this is the ultimate sacrifice for any Company to ask of their employees.

Although we implemented as many Covid secure rules as possible as a Company, there was always a risk of infection whilst at work.

Tuftots of 2020

End of Restrictions Bonus

The Tufcot Senior Management Team decided that every single employee at Tufcot deserved a one off, special bonus, to celebrate the end of the Coronavirus restrictions in the UK.

The end of restrictions now planned in for July the 19th, however the bonus was rewarded to all employees on June the 22nd 2021, 1 day after the previous agreed date of restrictions ending. This bonus was spread out evenly across all employees and was in excess of £1000 for each employee.

When announcing the bonus to all our employees, the employees were certainly shocked at the amount of this bonus presented by our MD, Greg Majchrzak. Greg, Elvin and Chrissie wanted to thank everyone for their sacrifices, hard work and teamwork during a very difficult 15 months since the start of the pandemic.

Tuftots of 2020

Employee Benefits at Tufcot

The Senior Management at Tufcot are big advocates for all employee benefits to make sure everyone enjoys their time working at Tufcot, meaning we have an exceptionally low staff turnover figure. Some other employee benefits include:

  • Pre-pandemic Westfield Health schemes (on hold at present).

  • Profit-based Company wide Christmas bonus scheme.

  • Additional hourly wage increases for all employees who have high attendance and punctuality rates, as well as recognising employees’ continuous years of service.

  • Company days and afternoons out.

  • Charity volunteering days/afternoons.

These are just a few examples of how the Directors at Tufcot value every employee and wish to make working at Tufcot a happy experience.

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Tuftots of 2020