We are delighted to have been shortlisted for the ‘Made in Sheffield’ Exporter of the year award 2016.

Tufcot has only been a member of Made in Sheffield for 6 months but has already been recognised by the world famous brand.

Sheffield is well known internationally for being at the forefront of material related technology, and Tufcot are proud to continue this tradition long into the future.

Tufcot has always been based in Sheffield and we’re extremely proud to utilise and represent the undoubted strengths of the “Sheffield” brand.

Everyone at Tufcot HQ is looking forward to the black tie ceremony on the 21st April at Cutlers Hall in Sheffield. Wish us luck!

We’re very pleased that our manufacturing efforts within the Sheffield region are being recognised.

We pride ourselves in offering our composite material worldwide, and the ‘Made in Sheffield’ mark reminds us of our responsibility to maintain such a high quality product.

Greg Majchrzak - Managing Director of Tufcot