Considered Tufcot’s standard grade, T100G is a polyester based composite grade which includes Graphite solid lubricant evenly dispersed throughout the material to reduce the co-efficient of friction.  T100G is used in over 60% of all Tufcot product applications.

A significant advantage is T100G’s competitive price.  Graphite is the most inexpensive of all our solid lubricant additives.


  • High Strength/Weight Ratio
  • Natural Low Coefficient of Friction
  • 1/6 Weight of Steel
  • No Harmful Toxic Materials
  • Excellent Bearing Material
  • Hard-Wearing
  • Virtually no water swell <0.1% volumetric
  • Almost Any Fluid Can Be Used as a Lubricant
  • Easily Machined to Clients Exact Specifications
  • Exceptional Dimensional Stability, Even in Wet Conditions


  • Marine –
  • Rail –
  • Oil and Gas
  • Hydraulics
  • Construction equipment
  • Structural Bearings

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