Since the UK lockdown occurred in March, there have been hundreds of positive and inspiring stories of Companies helping people self-isolating or the vulnerable groups in our society.

The media can often have a very negative approach to the news and we feel at Tufcot that it should be a time to come together and spread the word of Companies trying to make a positive impact on their local area.

FirePit Rocks and Open Kitchen

FirePit Rocks

FirePit Rocks is an alternative bar that has something for everyone, from delicious BBQ foodlive sportmusicquizzesretro gaming, beer pong, jam nights, open late with DJs spinning classic indie/Rock/Hip Hop BEATS.

However, at the time lockdown was announced they had to shut their doors overnight as restaurants were closed.

This didn’t stop them from teaming up with the Open Kitchens to create a locally driven initiative to help with their aim to feed 12,000 people in the Sheffield region.

FirePit Rocks and Open Kitchen

The Open Kitchens

The Open Kitchens is a national food solution that brings together restaurants & their communities to fund, produce & deliver free meals to those in need.

The Open Kitchens are a nationwide charity that help communities that need their help.

FirePit Rocks and Open Kitchen

How Tufcot Has Helped

When the Tufcot Senior Management Team saw the goal that the FirePit Rocks team set we were instantly looking at how we could assist their initiative.

We have decided to donate enough money to feed 150 people via this initiative.

We cannot be more complimentary of Charities and Companies like FirePit Rocks and the Open Kitchens in the work they are doing in the community to help the most vulnerable.

FirePit Rocks and Open Kitchen

To hear more about this excellent scheme, look on the FirePit Rocks website here –

Or even better, to directly donate to the scheme click here –

Finally to read more about the excellent work the Open Kitchens do in Sheffield and round the UK, click here –

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