Tufcot® materials can be used in many different applications in a variety of market sectors, please see below:

1 – Marine Sector

  • Deck crane bushes and bearings
  • Hatch cover pads
  • Deck winch bearings
  • Rudder pintle bearings
  • Stabiliser fin bearings

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Tufcot is ideal in the Marine sector as it is 1/6th the weight of steel, needs no maintenance, is dimensionally stable in wet conditions and has an extremely low rate of moisture absorption.

Tufcot® Typical Applications - Marine

2 – Railway Sector

  • Roller bar bushes
  • Snubber bushes
  • Drawback guides
  • Pivot bushes
  • Swing link seats

There are many more, read here about the Tufcot Railway Sector

Tufcot is ideal in the Railway sector as it has a high strength to weight ratio, is an excellent bearing material, needs no maintenance and has a naturally low co-efficient of friction.

Tufcot® Typical Applications - Railway

3 – Mining, Oil and Gas Sectors

  • Anchor sheave bearings
  • Turret bearings
  • Drill rig bearings
  • Insulation bushes and sleeves
  • Cable guide rollers

There are many more, read here about Tufcot Mining, Oil and Gas Sectors

Tufcot is ideal in the Mining, Oil and Gas sectors as it can be machined to clients exact specifications, can be fire retardant, needs no maintenance and is an excellent bearing material.

Tufcot® Typical Applications - Mining, Oil and Gas

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For more information on Tufcot’s other typical applications (including these market sectors as well as Hydraulics, Agriculture, Hydropower or many others), please click here…

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Tufcot® Typical Applications - Agriculture

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