Over the past 3 years Tufcot® has increased and improved our various grades of materials in many ways. One of our newest material grades – which we name the XPL material, has been a huge hit for many customers.

What is the XPL Material?

The XPL material combines our usual polyester resins with our polyester fabrics as normal but with a running surface layer of fabric with PTFE fibres evenly spread though the running surface material.

What are the Benefits?

The recorded figures for the co-efficient of friction are lower than in our normal T100 or T200 ranges of material due to the special PTFE layered fabric. This allows customers to utilise the XPL material when a very low co-efficient is required on the running surface with the shaft or in some occasions the housing of the mating material.

The XPL range of Tufcot® is also ideal as this can be incorporated within our other material grade bands. So for example you could incorporate XPL into our standard T100G range which would give the grade T100GXPL. This allows for the majority of the material to be T100G as standard but with a running surface of the bush/pad etc to be XPL material.

A popular grade that we currently make is the T100MXPL, which is ideal for marine grade applications. This links well with our recent Lloyds approved material T100MP. Although this grade is not yet approved we foresee no problems with achieving this approval in the future.

Finally, the XPL range is also used for higher temperature applications (T200), fire retardance applications (T400) and chemical resistance applications (T600).

Please visit our website for more information on Tufcot material grades – https://www.tufcot.com/composite-materials/material-grades/