Tufcot’s 40th Birthday Celebrations

A few weeks ago, Tufcot celebrated our 40th birthday. This is a huge achievement for any Company and especially one that started in our current Chairman’s garage.

Our Chairman, Elvin, worked tirelessly with his father, Michael, for many years to make Tufcot the success it is today.

To celebrate this momentous achievement the Senior Management put on a few special treats for all the employees, these included:

  • A specially made 40th Birthday cake for Elvin
  • An extra long lunch hour for all employees
  • A special themed quiz
  • An individually made 40th birthday card for Elvin and Tina
  • A Cuban themed 40th birthday party

Tufcot’s 40th Birthday – Day Time Celebrations

We had a 40th Birthday cake made for Elvin, specially created by Sweet Temptations. This included 4 delicious flavours of cake, one to mark each decade that Tufcot has existed for. It featured all of Tufcot’s current market sectors (solar, wind, marine, oil and gas). Plus, in a touching tribute, a garage with Elvin and his father Michael stood next to it with their manufactured parts laid out in front. Elvin and the cake can be seen in the picture to the right.

In addition, there was a individually made 40th birthday card for Elvin and Tina, with every employees signature and a Congratulations message inside. You can see this in the gallery below.

Employees were given an extra long lunch hour, which included a specially made lunch, by local firm – PJ Taste. Again, you can see in the gallery below, the lunch box provided.

There was a special themed quiz where all the questions or answers related to the number 40.

Quality – Tufcot Sets Its Standards High

Day Time Celebrations Gallery

Tufcot’s 40th Birthday – Night Time Celebrations

In the evening Tufcot had a Cuban themed 40th birthday party where free food and drink was provided to all employees, the event was hosted at Cubanas.

The night was an excellent Cuban themed event, and the food was amazing! We had our own area, which involved free drinks, whether it be Sangria or Cocktails.

The party officially finished at 8pm but many employees carried on until 4am, making the most of the celebrations! You can see in the pictures below, everyone who attended the party.

Quality – Tufcot Sets Its Standards High

Night Time Celebrations Gallery

We Couldn’t Have Done it Without You!

We would like to say a huge thanks to all the employees for their support towards Tufcot over the last 40 years. We have recently lost a few of the Tufcot family and we certainly wouldn’t be where we are today without current and past employees.

Finally, a thank you to all of our loyal customers. Just as with our employees, without your support over the last 40 years we wouldn’t be celebrating together like we have done.

Some of our customers we have been dealing with for over 35 years and the relationships are still strong.

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Quality – Tufcot Sets Its Standards High