We recently organised another afternoon out of work, this time at the Neepsend Social Club and Canteen.

We wanted to celebrate Tufcot’s 42nd birthday and also thank our dedicated and hardworking team for the role they’ve played in Tufcot’s success over the years.

The venue is situated in the Kelham region of Sheffield and takes you back to the 1970’s when social clubs were all the craze!

Like most of Sheffield, the Kelham region used to be a steel manufacturing hub and has links to the origins of Tufcot’s owners and their past work history.

This made it a very suitable place to celebrate another important milestone!

A Great Afternoon

The event was a relaxed, yet fun-filled afternoon with free poutine included from The Gravy Train Poutine.

For those not in the know, poutine is chips, cheese and gravy and originated in Canada.

The team also had drink tokens as well as the use of the darts boards and table football tables.

The sun shone throughout the whole afternoon but the sun had definitely gone down by the time some of the team got home!

We hope everyone had a wonderful time and we look forward to our final event of 2023 which is our Christmas meal on December 15th.

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