Our New Environmental Co-ordinator

The Directors and the Senior Management at Tufcot are very aware of the huge impacts that manufacturing materials and products can have on the environment.

We are also very aware that as a Company, Tufcot has a social responsibility to the planet in making sure that all of our processes and procedures are as environmentally friendly as possible in order to minimise any negative impacts on the global environment.

Tufcot have had an Environmental Policy for numerous years and have been approved as being Carbon Smart in the UK also.

However, we need to go further as a Company to protect the carbon footprint Tufcot produce.

Therefore, we have hired a new Environmental Co-ordinator who’s primary role is to work with our suppliers, employees, customers and Senior Management in making Tufcot an environmentally focused and viable Company.

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Aiming for ISO 14001 Accreditation

Tufcot will be aiming to become Environmentally accredited for ISO 14001 as soon as we can to make sure that our efforts are recognised by a globally recognised ISO accreditation.

Our new Environmental Coordinator will need to do a company-wide assessment of Tufcot’s processes in order to put an appropriate plan in place to obtain this very important accreditation.

Tufcot have also decided to go further with our Environmental sustainability.

We will be focusing our sales teams on not only growing our current market sectors but to actively look to work in more projects that are environmentally sustainable.

Tufcot already have many applications in the renewable sectors, these include; solar power, hydropower, on and offshore wind farms as well as nuclear.

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Tufcot’s Key Environmental Benefits

One of Tufcots key benefits as both a material and a product is that it already has some key environmental benefits for the market sectors and applications we already operate in.

The main one being that Tufcot requires minimal to no maintenance. This means that the downtime that other materials require in order to be greased, oiled or replaced is not necessary with Tufcot as it is self-lubricating.

This gives a large energy saving as the time, money and energy used to replace bearings and wear applications can be huge. Secondly, the vast weight savings by using Tufcot against conventional materials and metals is very significant.

Tufcot weighs 1/6th of steel. Therefore, the energy savings with using a Tufcot bearing over a conventional metal is very noticeable as the additional costs and energy to keep current applications moving in the Marine, Offshore sectors inparticular are colossal.

Please keep in touch with our website as we will soon have a specifically created Environmental section for all of our progress on making Tufcot a more Environmentally focused Company.

Find more news and information about Tufcot here: https://www.tufcot.com/news/

Tuftots of 2020

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