As a company, Tufcot is mindful of the impact manufacturing has on the environment.

We take this responsibility very seriously and, for this reason, we have set ambitious environmental objectives for 2024.

Tufcot’s Environmental Co-ordinator, Beth Bagshaw, is in charge of a number of projects that aim to reduce energy consumption, minimise waste, recycle where possible, use renewable energy, conserve water and much more besides.

Possibly the biggest project is to plan for the development of our new site in Sheffield which will be a purpose-built, carbon-neutral facility that will house the manufacturing division of the business.

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Tufcot’s Environmental Goals For 2024

Recent meetings between Tufcot’s Environmental Co-ordinator, Beth Bagshaw, and our senior management team have focused on setting environmental objectives that will make the biggest difference. Here are just some of our environmental objectives:

  • Planning Development of New Carbon-Neutral Facility – The plan is to create a new, modern super site that will support Tufcot’s growth for many years to come. The new site will be a purpose-built, carbon-neutral facility that will house the manufacturing division of the business.

  • Pass ISO 14001 Audit – ISO 14001 is an internationally recognised standard that sets out the requirements for an environmental management system. We aim to pass our ISO 14001 audit with no Corrective Actions for the 3rd year running.

  • Carbon Accounting – We will use carbon accounting to measure and track how much greenhouse gas we emit as a business. This data allows us to make informed decisions about the environmental improvements we can make.

  • Continually Improve Our Waste Management – We will continually monitor our waste management looking for ways to further reduce the waste we produce.

  • Achieve Environmental KPI’s – Tufcot’s senior management have set strict environmental KPI’s against which all of our environmental efforts will be measured.

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Paperless Production & Processes

We’ve recently made is our mission to vastly reduce paper use throughout the business.

At the end of 2023, we decided to make production paperless meaning all orders are now kept on file and checks are completed on a computer instead of pen and paper.

Tufcot invested in reMarkables ( for all office employees.

The reMarkable allows employees to take notes, export and import PDF files, draw and sketch designs without the need for paper.

They are a brilliant alternative to paper and so much easier when auditing on site and carrying out monthly checks that must be documented.

At the end of this year, it is our intention to report our paper usage figures compared to 2023.

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