A few months ago Tufcot achieved the Lloyds approval for Pintle and Rudder bearings for our material grade T100MP.

This was a huge achievement as it allowed us to start the process of achieving many other Marine and Sector specific approvals.

To go with this world recognised accreditation we knew we had to design and produce a new Engineering Manual to be shipped with any of our Lloyds approved material for new builds and repairs.

This brochure has now been completed and can be found on our homepage at www.tufcot.com and it can be viewed in Flipbook form and also downloaded for future use.

We have combined our knowledge of the sector and also our expert Technical knowledge to provide a Manual consisting of the following parts:

  • Application, Design and Installation
  • Technical information
  • Freeze fitting procedures
  • Information on fits
  • Dimension Calculations for Rudder Bearings
  • Plus many more items.

Tufcot have made sure that we have consistently shown a strong brand image within our Marine and Product brochures.

We feel the use of a consistent theme and brand will create a strong brand image for many years to come.

Our next plan is to complete the same design on our Technical Brochures.