Tufcot have already had an excellent start to 2019, with the Tufcot Christmas Sale proving a success for many customers, allowing them to have either a 5% or 10% discount on orders placed for shipment prior to the end of February depending on the order value.

Tufcot have numerous Marketing Plans for 2019 which go over and above the personal service, competitive delivery times and excellent pricing that Tufcot already offers.

Our plans are to:

  • Increase sales in the UK in % compared to previous years UK sales – We have a large customer base already in the UK. The potential for sustained growth in many sectors is something we are targeting in 2019. With UK sales days completed at the end of 2018, we are aiming to continue these as well as growing our already extensive customer base in various regions.

  • Develop a minimum of 2 new material grades – 3rd of 3-year plan – Tufcot are constantly re-investing in the Company and, with our recent University interns from Sheffield University, we have been progressing our plans to develop 2 new material grades which can enter into new markets. We have already tried and tested one material grade and the other one is in its developmental stage. Watch this space!

Tufcot’s Plans for Growth in 2019
  • Increase brand awareness – specifically Video Marketing and SEO – In October 2018, Tufcot completed an extensive campaign aimed at Video marketing. The Videos that were produced are in the design phase at present. We are very close to releasing some of the footage. This is one for us to focus on throughout 2019. We are also having a special SEO campaign to manage our website traffic and direct potential customers to where they wish to be on the website.

  • Increase the amount of market specific approvals – we are looking at many sectors but are primarily customer driven on this. We want to be obtaining new marine approvals especially, but we never say no to a potential approval, whatever the market sector!

Tufcot’s Plans for Growth in 2019
  • To target a minimum of 2 new none EU geographical market sectors – We have a very large percentage of our Turnover based in the EU and we want to continue our growth in this area through Preferred Partners and Key Customers, however, we also feel Tufcot can be used further afield. We have many customers outside the EU but we want to grow that base.

  • Communicate Tufcot’s vision to all current, old and new customers – Tufcot want ‘to become one of the UKs most successful specialist manufacturing and engineering companies, exporting to every corner of the world earning our reputation for quality, reliability and unrivalled service.’

Tufcot’s Plans for Growth in 2019

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