Being a family business is one of our core values here at Tufcot.

Our Chairman, Elvin, founded the company, along with his father Michael and a third partner, 39 years ago.

We are proud to have kept Tufcot within the family; Elvin’s son Greg is our Managing Director, Elvin’s daughter Chrissie is our Financial Director. Then in addition to that Katy, their sibling is our Purchasing Manager.

Some Good News for 2020

2020 has been a tough year for everybody but we are happy to share some good news!

At Tufcot we are always keen to grow and expand and in an uncertain year this has taken on a whole new meaning for us.

Both Katy and Chrissie welcomed baby boys in the Summer!

So, in a world that has been bleak recently we thought we would introduce you to the future generation of Tufcot or as we like to call them, our TufTots.

Tuftots of 2020

Introducing Mikey!

Meet Mikey, Katy’s new arrival!

Mikey spends most of his time being mothered by his two older sisters.

He loves his wheels (pram) and enjoys a good chat with anyone who will listen.

A future Boss baby perhaps?

Tuftots join Tufcot, a family business

Introducing Edison!

Meet Edison. The son of Chrissie and Luke (who also works in our technical department).

Edison loves music and definitely approves of his Grandad Elvin’s office soundtrack.

He also likes to watch the formula one racing with his Daddy.

Tuftots at Tufcot!

A Proud Grandad!

(Grandad) Elvin now has a total of seven grandchildren who will hopefully feature in the future of Tufcot.

Elvin also welcomed another grandson into the world; Indy Fox.

Indy has the creative gene so hopefully will have some new innovations up his sleeve in the future.

Keep a look out for future updates where we introduce more of Team Tufcot to you.

Watch this space!

Tuftots. A proud Grandad

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The Tufcot team including Greg, Chrissie and Elvin