Tufcot have been manufacturing Wearstrips for over 38 years. Tufcot can produce our Wearstrips up to 5 metres in length and can accommodate up to 50mm in width.

We use our Wearstrips for its low co-efficiency of friction and its low slip characteristics. It is an ideal solution for breakdown repairs.

Many of our customer require varying grades and colours to suit their branding and particular applications.

We would recommend T100G for standard wear applications.

Tufcot Wearstrip Manufacturing

The Wearstrip Process

The Wearstrip process is explained here:

  • The Wearstrip process starts in our Manufacturing department where we manufacture our chosen recipe on our chosen polyester fabric.

  • This material is turned into a laminate or sheet at the required length, width and thickness ready for the next stage of Manufacture.

  • This sheet/laminate is then cured at the required temperature for the required time.

  • The material is then sawed and sanded down to the required width, length and thickness.

  • The final stage occurs when the strips are split into strips of varying widths.

  • These Wearstrips can then be dispatched as full straight strips or coiled as can be seen in the photos.

Tufcot Wearstrip Manufacturing

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