From Monday 4th of May 2020, Tufcot will be closing our manufacturing and engineering processes for a week.

Please note that we will have a skeleton accounts and sales team working from home to continue answering all e-mails and price enquiries.

Our Senior Management team have made the decision to close these areas of the Company for two reasons:

  • Many of Tufcot’s employees have been working for many months now without a break or a holiday.

    Due to COVID-19 many of our employees have cancelled their holidays or have had their own holidays cancelled and this also goes for May, June and July.

    We feel like all our employees deserve a break to relax and refresh.

  • It has been shown that COVID-19 stays on surfaces for up to 48 hours.

    By closing our site for a full week, this allows our site to be fully cleared of the COVID-19 virus.

    This means that we can return to work in Week 20 with a clean site.

Onsite Safety

We have continued to operate throughout the last few months with our enhanced procedures and our 5-point plan with our primary concern being the safety of all our employees on site.

We do a weekly review of all areas and are implementing new procedures weekly to make sure we are all safe in our manufacturing and engineering departments where working from home is not possible.

Rainbow. Thanks to NHS

Competitive Lead Times & On-time Delivery

After our shutdown Tufcot will be aiming to reduce our lead times back to our usual competitive lead times.

We increased these as an initial assessment of the effects the virus could have on our workforce and we wanted to make sure we stuck to our impressive on-time delivery record for 2020’s first Quarter and 2019.

Tufcot’s manufacturing and engineering departments will re-open on Monday 11th May.

We hope that everyone remains safe at this uncertain time.

If you have any questions about our shutdown week, please e-mail

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