Tufcot is happy to be celebrating World Quality Day 2019 this November.

What is World Quality Day?

World Quality Day is celebrated worldwide every November to increase worldwide awareness of organisational growth, prosperity and added quality.

This is a perfect opportunity for businesses worldwide to celebrate their success and dedication to quality. It is also an opportunity for businesses to champion the contributions made by their various staff members towards quality in their business spreading the ‘importance of quality’ message.

The Chartered Quality Institute defines the responsibilities of Quality professionals as being defined through five main areas;

  • Governance
  • Assurance
  • Improvement
  • Leadership
  • Context

World Quality Day 2019 – 100 Years of Quality

There is a different theme for World Quality Day each year and the theme this year is 100 years of Quality.

This year is the centenary of World Quality Day which was initiated after WW1 from a desire to improve the production of unreliable munitions.

With a passion for providing trusted, quality products and services, the original members established the Technical Inspection Association in 1919 leaving a legacy evident in the outstanding work of Quality professionals in all industries ever since.

 Tufcot Celebrate World Quality Day 2019

Why Tufcot Celebrates World Quality Day

Quality is not simply a word here at Tufcot, it’s an attitude, an approach that sits at the centre of everything we do.

We strive to consistently work to a high standard of quality and assure our clients that we are constantly improving.

We like to think that Quality is in everything we do. Whether it’s from how we manage the company, how we interact with our customers or the material and parts we manufacture and supply worldwide.

We know there is always room for improvement so if we don’t meet expectations at any of those stages, we want to know immediately so we can address issues and adopt lessons learnt.

We are proud that our Quality Management System is certified as fully ISO 9001:2015 compliant.

ISO 9001 certification means that we address and strive for operational excellence, consistency and efficiency throughout.

We use repeatable refined processes for increased productivity and improved customer retention. This leads to customer satisfaction due to an ability to constantly monitor and measure our performance and outcomes.

Tufcot - World Quality Day 2019

Tufcot Accreditations and Memberships

Tufcot has many important accreditation and memberships to ensure that we always offer our customers the absolute best in both quality and service.

Our accreditations include;

ISO 9001 – ISO 9001 ensures that our internal procedures and processes are carried in the most efficient and reliable manner.

Lloyds Approved – Tufcot has Lloyds approval for supply of Rudder and Rudder Pintle bearings via the Lloyds Register for our grade T100MP in the Marine Sector.

WRAS Approval – Water Regulation Advisory Scheme – Tufcot® T100M material is WRAS approved! Tufcot T100M has the conformance mark that shows it complies with the standards set out by the water regulations allowing it to be used in the supply of carrying water from the public mains water supply in the UK.

World Quality Day 2019 - Lloyds Approved

Our Memberships include;

CompositesUK – Tufcot contributes in unifying and driving the composite industry forward.

Carbon Smart – Our Carbon Smart membership demonstrates our dedication to reducing our carbon footprint

Sheffield Chamber of Commerce – Being part of this vibrant, active group we connect locally sharing a supportive business community.

Made in Sheffield – The Made in Sheffield organisation focuses on manufacturers in the Sheffield region, it is a name synonymous with consistently high quality.

World Quality Day 2019 - Made in Sheffield

Tufcot Quality


We provide full traceability for all elements of our Tufcot® bearing material.

We also have the facility to carry out various on-site and external testing to confirm the performance against grade specifications.

High Standards

Investment on Inspection equipment, facilities and procedures ensures consistently high standards.

Where a customer requires this, we have the capacity and flexibility to adapt existing procedures to accommodate most customer specific dimensional recording and reporting.


Throughout this website you will find references and links to the many aspects of management and production that together enable our Quality regime.

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Here at Tufcot, we manufacture some of the very finest composite materials available.

The high quality of our products combined with the support, guidance and quick turnaround we offer means we provide a service that is second-to-none.

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